Easy Video Conferencing

June 29th, 2017 by admin

Most remote workers and employees that work with multiple business locations will agree - meetings over the phone or email just don't cut it sometimes. When it comes to building team spirit or handling difficult topics, face-to-face communication really is best. That's why we offer video solutions for our customers that make direct communication easier than ever.


Stop struggling with complicated manuals for permanent A/V conference room systems. The Connect Group can get you set up with video solutions using your laptop or desktop, in addition to simple and high-quality systems for meeting rooms. Using just a few buttons, you'll soon be connected to multiple video feeds. Additionally, you'll save your team the frustrations of scheduling time to use the conference room by letting them connect directly from their own devices. By making face-to-face conversations easier than ever, you can also save money otherwise spent on travelling between locations. Learn more about how we can improve your office communications...

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