Video Conferencing / Video Surveillance

Video is growing as an industry at a phenomenal rate. At The Connect Group, we provide systems to accomplish an entire range of video technology.

Video Conferencing

The best meeting is always face to face, until now, the telephone has been the second best. We believe that the ability to see someone enhances the interaction similar to how hearing voice inflections and tone on a phone call can boost understanding over a simple text or email.

Prices have come down dramatically allowing even smaller business to afford the technology and with the rise of "smart devices" the requirement of being in a Video conferencing room has disappeared.

Video conferencing can boost communication effectiveness without the requirement for costly or time consuming travel.

Video Surveillance

Gone are the days where surveillance video was gray and fuzzy, as are the days when we used surveillance only for historical evidence of a robbery. With the improvement of the pictures and capabilities, also coupled with the dramatic cost improvements, Video surveillance has made its way to most commercial and residential applications.

Video surveillance increases workplace safety, workplace consistency, workplace security and workplace profitability. By having your premises under surveillance you will show your employees you care about their safety and security.

From the receptionist knowing who is sitting at their desk to take the customer calls, to the Receiving clerk knowing who is at the back door, and everything in between. Video increases productivity and gives your company that competitive advantage.