National Services

The world is truly becoming a smaller place. Multi-site and Multi-state organizations are becoming a more common reality. If you find yourself in this situation, know that The Connect Group's National Services Network will support you and deliver remote services. The Connect Group does this through its TAG affiliation, and remote services. TAG is a group of independently owned technology companies that work together to provide a common approach nationwide. With the newer systems, they are mostly software controlled which means we can provide troubleshooting and maintenance from a world away, while giving you the security of an on-site technician when required.

We have video training programs available in a myriad of ways from live on-site training, to streamed video training over the internet, to a staffed help desk, we have the ability to train all of your staff wherever they may be.

The Connect Group can offer installation and maintenance services nationwide. Whether it's a small office in Rhode Island, or the corporate office in California, The Connect Group has the network to manage your network like it is in our backyard.