Service Philosophy

We, at The Connect Group, believe we understand the challenges technology has in your organization. The ability to do your job without the assistance of your technology is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why we have changed our entire philosophy to service.

In the past, when a customer had a problem, they simply called us and we would send out a technician. The time spent waiting for a technician could seem like a lifetime depending on the severity of the solution. This is why we have revamped our process to create a more streamlined approach designed to work with the newer software based systems.

Today, you can call, email, or chat into The Connect Group, you are going to get a technician that answers your request. That technician has the ability to triage the situation and work remotely to try and remediate the problem. In the event we are not able to remediate right there on the phone, our technician can then dispatch a technician if it requires an onsite visit. As technology has become increasingly complex, we have also found that the idea of a technician that knows it all is increasingly rare, so we have specialists who focus their education, training, and knowledge on one aspect of technology instead of a broad knowledge of all aspects.

The Five Point System

We also subscribe to what we call "The Five Point System." This system requires our Help Desk personnel, Field Technicians, and Specialists to update the ticket with five pieces of information every time they touch it. Those points are:

  1. What issue was addressed?
  2. What work was performed?
  3. Which customer was notified of the work performed?
  4. What is the next step and when will it be performed?
  5. How was this information communicated to the customer?

This plan was developed to ensure that our clients always know the status of the service order and what is going to happen next. We believe that good communication with our clients is the foundation of our partnership experience.