Phone Systems

We believe that your business phone system is the heart of the organization. Without it, sales stop, customer service grinds to a halt, and communications become laborious. Conversely, a professional communications solution will tell your customers that you are reliable and easy to work with and that you expect and deliver high quality service. That is where The Connect Group comes in...

When choosing an office phone system, we make it our priority to understand how you do business, how you communicate, and how the system will best fit the organization. Once we understand these factors, we can then recommend a solution that best fits your needs, instead of taking a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

We understand that businesses change over time. From the way they communicate internally and externally, to the people who are sitting in the seats. With our communications solutions you don't have to worry about large capital expenditures, maintenance contracts, dealing with multiple vendors, nickel and diming, and how to budget for all of that.

We make it much simpler for you. In the old days you called the telephone company, when you had a need or issue. When you are with The Connect Group, we emulate that experience. You have one number to call and we take care of the rest.

Whether you are looking for a simple, traditional key system for a small office or you need a complex Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution that ties multiple locations together, we're the partner for you. Let us show you how to communicate more effectively.

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