Managed IT Services

If the phone system is the heart of the organization, then the data network is its lifeblood. A reliable data network is no longer a "want", it is a mission critical business necessity. Think back 10 years ago – do you rely more on your data network today than you did back then? Just imagine what it will be like in the future now that all of your applications are riding the data network.

We provide a host of services to help you and fit into your budget.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is the plan that is set in motion when your network is not accessible. We can implement a plan that is tested, managed and will get your business back up and running regardless of your threshold for downtime.

Managed Network Security is the service that lets you rest assured that your network is safe and secure. We implement a host of hardware and service offerings that give your business best in class protection that is always kept up to date instead of a point in time solution like a firewall was in the old days. We work with you to keep this box up to date and always at the latest and greatest in support to ensure you're safe, yet do the things you need to do for your business and customers.

Managed End Point Security wraps all of the things that should be done on a regular basis to each machine on the network. We eliminate the need for you to maintain multiple subscriptions from multiple vendors. We provide all of the subscriptions, we implement and manage the Virus protection, Windows patch management, Malware/Spyware protection, as well as SPAM protection.

Help Desk Services gives you and your employees a technician to call when they are having issues. This eliminates the waiting game of a technician to come and help them. Your users call us directly, speak to the technician, and they can help them remediate their issue all over the phone. Our highly trained technicians can diagnose remotely and determine the best path for resolution even if it requires a technician on site.

Outsourced CIO is a quarterly meeting in which we deliver to you a report that allows any business owner or manager to know that the safety and security of your data and network is safe. When we meet with you we give you the tools so you don't feel like you are out of control with technology expenses anymore. We can help you plan for future technology planning to take the surprise out of IT.

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