Structured Cabling

We, at The Connect Group, pride ourselves on delivering a high quality result every time. We provide comprehensive engineering, planning, project management, as well as field craftsmanship in all the projects we take on. We work closely with you to suit your short term needs when it comes to technology infrastructure.

Our teams of experienced structured cabling installers have worked on all sizes of projects throughout numerous industries: government, hospitals, schools, retail stores, data centers, call centers, warehouse and traditional office environments. We provide the trained, certified and knowledgeable staff to understand the different manufacturer requirements as well as the building and electrical codes, to ensure that you will get the job done right the first time, every time.

The Connect Group understands that you have many choices of who can install your cabling, but we believe it is better left to the experts. The structured cabling is the foundation of your technology systems. If the cable is not good, nothing built upon that can work to its optimum level. We provide general industry training to our technicians from the ANSI, BICSI, and IEEE organizations, as well as specific manufacturer training to ensure that you get a third party guarantee that your job is performed correctly, and will work properly for up to 20 years after the installation.

We, at The Connect Group, use the latest in tools and technology to provide our clients with a certification report from a third party to allow you to rest easy that not only do we say it's right, but you have third party verification that the job meets the industry standards.

Whatever your cabling needs may be, you can feel confident with The Connect Group getting it done and done right. Our employees and management team provide services with the highest professional standard of excellence. As a result, we maintain close working relationships with our clients.

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