The Better IT Investment

February 9th, 2017 by admin

What is the use of investing so much into your new IT system, when it will be out of date in just a few years? You'll have to keep training new staff on equipment that isn't quite up to the task and needs replacing before you've seen the maximum return on investment. Connect Group has an alternative solution, that will save you those big spikes in costs, while providing you with the IT support your business needs.

Our Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP) is designed to address the issue of refreshing technology to receive optimal performance for your business. For a fixed monthly fee, we ensure that your technology is humming happily along and up-to-date - that includes updates and replacements for no additional fee. In addition, we offer full management of your IT training, technical support, programming changes, and all the benefits of a custom communications system. Your business can get that competitive edge through emerging technologies and the best tools for your team's needs. You'll be able to better communicate with clients and suppliers, while your team sees increased productivity through effective IT systems. Save their time by having us provide IT training for your new team members, in addition to refresher classes. We want you to succeed, without the hassle of managing IT problems or technical issues. That way, you and your team can focus on the business at hand, instead of being delayed by faulty and old technology. You'll see the return on investment in no time.

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