Protect Your Business and Employees with On-Site Surveillance

January 6th, 2020 by admin

Black surveillance camera showing 4mm CCTV lens

The hot button topic nowadays is cybersecurity, and rightfully so. Protecting your data network is extremely important, but what about your physical place of business and employees? Having great cybersecurity doesn't mean much if a thief can get inside your business and steal all of your hardware. That's why The Connect Group offers HD video surveillance to protect your equipment and employees.

Aside from the security increase by adding surveillance systems, insurance companies will often offer a discount on their rates if you have surveillance cameras installed. Having evidence of any work-related incidents that happen at your place of business is hugely beneficial. You will be able to see exactly what happened, rather than relying on a recounted version of events.

If you have surveillance cameras pointing into your parking lot, you are increasing the safety provided to your employees when they are arriving or leaving work. Providing your employees that added layer of protection can make them feel safer and, in turn, more productive as they won’t be worried about their safety.

Having high-quality video surveillance increases safety, security, consistency, and profitability in the workplace. Contact The Connect Group to speak to one of our knowledgable employees about purchasing and installing security cameras for your business.

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