How AI is Transforming Cybersecurity

September 18th, 2019 by admin

Man in hood searching for passwords.

Artificial intelligence has made a significant impact in the way cybersecurity protects and safeguards businesses. Reports from the Capgemini Research Institute state that over 61% of enterprises can't detect breaches without the help of AI, with corporations like Cisco reporting that the use of AI has thwarted trillions of attacks. This digital era has seen a drastic influx in digital and virtual businesses, leading to increased vulnerability to threats and attacks; so how does AI help improve operational security?

Artificial intelligence combines the use of machine learning with language processing to help cyber analysts respond to threats and breaches faster and more effectively. The process of AI includes the ability to learn data by the consumption of billions of data artifacts from sources like blogs, articles, and more with the technique of machine learning. Through patterns and records, AI improves its ability to understand security threats and risks.

Through reasoning and analysis, AI gathers information and insights to identify the relationships between threats such as suspicious IP addresses and malicious files. Current AI-run software typically takes only a few minutes, or seconds for analysis, allowing security analysts to respond to threats over 60 times quicker than without the use of AI. Lastly, with augmentation, the need for time-consuming research is eliminated with AI's ability to provide a structured analysis of risks. This report decreases the time analysts take to make critical decisions and enhances their response time to perform remediation to the threat.

AI technology is continuously learning and evolving, but businesses everywhere are already seeing the tremendous benefits that AI has to offer. At The Connect Group, our cybersecurity solutions using the power of artificial intelligence combined with advanced technology to give your company the competitive edge towards any threat or breach. We recognize the importance of cybersecurity and have found the most innovative solutions to keep your operations safe.

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