Have Better Control of Your Voice

February 9th, 2019 by admin

Hand with pointer finger hovering above the touch screen of a phone, the phone is resting on a keyboard

A huge issue with IP phone systems is voice quality. Common issues relating to VoIP phone systems are typically latency, poor voice quality, and scrambled audio. Individually, fixing these issues can be costly and may result in trying many different phone systems only to find decent quality at best.

The Connect Group has partnered with InSpeed Networks, a performance and reliability company, to get you a voice solution that is crisp and clear and customized to your specific business. With our IP phone systems, we use InSpeed Network’s Quality Service technology that makes voice, video conferencing and cloud-based applications work over any WAN network. Their innovative solution enables clear audio, crisp video, and responsive applications all the time so that you never have to deal with lagging or jittery audio or video from your voice and conferencing technology.

As businesses move more and more to hosted voice systems and run it through their regular internet, if there are any voice quality issues, InSpeed Networks’s technology will ensure that any voice over IP phone will work to your satisfaction and far exceed your expectation. Contact The Connect Group today for more information on how you can get even better control over your voice, no matter what hosted phone system you have.

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