National Services for all Customer Locations

March 21st, 2017 by admin

We know how difficult it is to manage multiple business locations, especially across different states. As a business owner, you are already bogged down with administration, management duties, and communications between sites. Then comes the added difficulty of different customer bases, processes, and service providers for each office. This is especially an issue for IT services, since often individual elements are managed by different vendors, with their own contracts and relationships to maintain. The Connect Group could make your job a lot easier by extending our services beyond Montana to manage your IT services and solutions nationwide.

We are a member of the Technology Assurance Group (TAG), a network of technology companies that work together towards growth and quality service across the country. Through their partnerships, we have connections to the leading technology manufacturers and service providers, helping our customers to access the best IT in the industry. Our technicians will work with you to manage most troubleshooting and maintenance services remotely, reducing travel costs and ensuring that your locations are well-connected. Thanks to our connections and network, we provide not only remote support to customers nationwide, but also on-site installations and maintenance. Our associates are fully certified and trained according the industry standards, so you can rest easy knowing that your IT services are in good hands.

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