We, at The Connect Group, understand that the only reason to implement technology into your business is to give your business a competitive advantage or increase your profitability.

We feel that we are able to do this through a different approach. We analyze your processes and come back with real world applications to streamline and improve those processes. By doing this we can truly deliver a solution that puts you ahead of your competition.

If you are interested in looking at your business from a different light and seeing what our professionals can do to give your business the "Power to Communicate", please call today.

Productive Communications Solutions

The Connect Group is not your typical communications company. We, at Connect, care deeply about helping you maximize your productivity through effective communications solutions that gives your business a competitive advantage and increases your productivity.

The Connect Group started out as two separate companies in 1991. One was a telephone company and the other was a computer company. As it became clear that the voice and data worlds were set to integrate, the product of that merger, The Connect Group was a clear candidate to adopt Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. We have been implementing these solutions ever since. Today, we just simply say we are a "communications" company to reflect our growing breadth of capabilities in ancillary solutions such as: structured cabling, video conferencing, video surveillance, and connectivity support.

We are a Montana Company, with the size and sophistication of a larger market company. We believe that the tools that technology brings should be available to all companies regardless of their geographic location.

We would like to introduce you to our products and services and give you ideas about how we can bring added value by partnering with your organization. We truly believe that Technology needs to do one of two things for your organization: bring you a competitive advantage or increase your profitability. We appreciate the time you are taking to review this information and hope when you have any communications needs, you will think "The Connect Group".

Productive Relationships

Why are you using Technology in the first place?

Technology streamlines processes and makes them more efficient. Let us help you determine your process and fit the right technology to give you the two paybacks of technology: increased profitability and a competitive advantage. If it doesn't provide those two things, then don't buy it from us, or anyone else for that matter!

What if you could grow revenues while lowering costs?

The Connect Group spends a considerable amount of time researching how we can help our clients maximize revenue while providing cost savings. We can do this by providing higher productivity. Let us help your organization become more productive by leveraging the right technology for your business

How we make you more profitable

We start by custom tailoring a communications infrastructure designed to support and enable the right areas of your business. Areas where you interact with your customers, areas that are operational bottlenecks or areas that help improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover are all targets for technology solutions. We then move from implementing a solution to supporting your productivity with proactive management of the system, so it stays relevant to your business and so your employees achieve maximum usage of the system because they know how to utilize it.

How we provide greater gains with technology implementation

We first start with where you are at. We understand how your business functions and how you stack up against your competition. Where are your employees located? What are their job functions? Then we go into where you are going. We, at The Connect Group, need to know where you are going, so that we recommend technology that not only works for today's needs, but will last you long into the future. We understand that businesses need to watch the budget, so we provide the most cost effective system taking into account your longer range goals. Finally, we provide you a true cost. This number not only shows you what the purchase price is, but also what it costs to own, operate and maintain that technology.

Our promise to you

The Connect Group will help your reach maximum productivity through the effective use of your communications technology.

Telecom Systems

We believe that your phone system is the heart of the organization. Without it, sales stop, customer service grinds to a halt, and communication becomes laborious. Conversely, a professional communications solution will tell your customers that you are a reliable and easy to work with and that you expect and deliver high quality solutions. That is where The Connect Group comes in...

Communicate Effectively

Business Phones

A properly designed telecom solution will help you better communicate with your customers. Maybe it's more effective incoming call processing with a call center or automated attendant. Maybe it's a strong message on hold campaign to better communicate your abilities to your callers. Or, maybe it's a leading edge mobility solution that helps your clients connect with your employees around the world. The bottom line is that effective communications solutions will help increase your revenues and customer satisfaction.

Communicate Efficiently

In today's hectic business world, you also need solutions that help you accomplish more in less time. The Connect Group will show you how to consolidate your points of contact with Unified Communications, how to know if someone is at their desk before you try to call them with Presence management, or how to avoid costly travel by collaborating with others through voice, web, or video solutions. Time is a precious commodity and we can help streamline your processes to maximize your use of it.

Communicate Productively

You can have effective communications solutions, and you can have efficient communications solutions, but what good are they if your people don't know how to use them? What really set The Connect Group apart from the competition is our passionate commitment to your productivity? We design and deploy solutions that are easy to use and build contingency plans to keep them up and going. The Connect Group relentlessly and proactively provides continuous training in several different mediums to your staff allowing them to know how and when to use the tools you are providing for them.

Whether you are looking for a simple, traditional key system for a small office or you need a complex Voice over IP solution that ties multiple locations together, we're the partner for you. Let us show you how to communicate more productively!

IT Networking and Support

If the phone system is the heart of the organization, then the data network is its lifeblood. A reliable data network is no longer a "want," it's a mission critical business necessity. Think back 10 years ago – do you rely more on your data network today than you did back then? Just imagine what it will be like in the coming years as we see data, voice, video and a host of other applications all converging into one integrated network.

Integrated Solutions Drive Productivity

IT Networking and Support

The convergence of data, voice, and video is already starting to impact corporate productivity in almost unimaginable ways. Multiple locations are tied together as on big communications network. People are working from home or on the road just like they were at their desk. People are holding video conferences and web presentations instead of getting in the car or the airplane. These types of applications are just the beginning and require a rock solid, always on data network. The Connect Group can help you make these solutions look easy.

"Managed" Reliability is the Key to Success

It takes more than an Ethernet connection to reliably deliver these types of integrated applications. You need a network that is able to manage the traffic going across that network so that time sensitive transmission, like voice and video, receive priority over time insensitive data traffic such as web browsing. We monitor the performance of the data network to identify potential bottlenecks or other problems. Connect operates a Network Operations Center (NOC) that proactively monitors the health of our clients networks and nodes to ensure maximum uptime and security. The Connect Group team will help you get it done right!

Commodity Solutions Require Expert Management

We are witnessing somewhat of a paradox in the technology industry right now. Intense competition for business has turned hardware components into commodity items with little intrinsic value for one brand of equipment over another. At the same time, your need for an integrated, highly reliable, properly managed system is growing exponentially. You need a team of experts who can provide or supplement the capabilities of your current staff to turn "hardware" into solutions that deliver sustained productivity improvements.

Video Surveillance

Surveillance has grown as an industry at a phenomenal rate. At The Connect Group, we provide systems to accomplish an entire range of surveillance. From the small one location system to a large enterprise system we have the knowledge to provide the return on investment you are looking for in your next system.

Workplace Safety

Video surveillance popularity has surged in recent years. From lawsuit and loss prevention to ensuring your staff is delivering the type of customer service you require, video surveillance gives you the ability to remove geographic boundaries and see what is going on in multiple locations. Surveillance allows you to protect both people and assets. Video surveillance increases the safety of your employees and customers.

Workplace Consistency

Video surveillance is helping all types of industries provide consistency, from the restaurant looking to deliver portion consistency, to the retail outlet that wants to deliver service consistency, to the warehouse that wants to ensure worker consistency, video surveillance will help your organization deliver consistent results to your customers.

Workplace Profitability

Surveillance will allow your organization to minimize theft, both internal and external. It will allow you to increase productivity, and will allow your organization to know exactly what happened in the event of an incident. These items will translate right into bottom line dollars.

Gold Seal Partnership Plans

Did you Achieve Maximum Productivity with your last Communications Solution?

We see it all the time. An organization purchases a voice or data solution based on the features and benefits of the solution. The vendor delivers the solution and provides some basic training for the staff. Initially, the client realizes many of the benefits that led them to the purchase; but gradually over time, those benefits begin to fade. They fade because employees forgot how to use the features, you experience turnover and the new employees get little or no training, you change the way your business operates, or maybe you don't keep the software current.

Your last communications solution may have failed to reach its full potential because the wrong person was left in charge of realizing those productivity benefits. That initial training from the vendor was wonderful; but after they left, it was up to you or someone on your staff to keep retraining your users. It was up to you to figure out how to adjust the configuration of the system to match the adjustments in the system because calling the vendor was too costly, either in dollars or response time. The problem is that you already had a full time job and it didn't involve being a communications expert.

Make a Different Choice this Time

This time around, we're asking you to make a different decision. Put The Connect Group in charge of maximizing your productivity through effective communications. Our Gold Seal Voice and Data Partner Plans provide turn–key solutions for sustained productivity improvements. We assume the responsibility for maintaining the equipment, for making adjustments to the programming to fit your evolving needs, keeping the software current, and for keeping your users trained on how to use the core features of your systems. Let The Connect Group help you leverage your communications investment to maximize its return.

C–TAP – Technology Refresh Program

We believe the only real value of a communications solution to the customer is in its ability to improve the overall performance of the organization. The ability to communicate effectively is what separates the best organizations from the rest of the pack. Organizations that have quality communication with clients, suppliers, and employees will achieve a profound competitive advantage.

Communications Technology is Evolving Rapidly

Communications technology will advance more in the next five years than it has in the previous 95 years. The most profound innovations of our time are innovations that improve the way we communicate with one another. In parallel to the pace of change in technology, businesses are rapidly evolving their core processes and capabilities to become more competitive. This highly innovative, rapidly evolving environment creates a dynamic situation where it can be tough to know if you're picking the right communications solution not only for today, but for the future as well.

Does it Make Sense to Solve a Dynamic Problem with a Static Solution?

Historically, organizations have purchased a phone system every 7 to 10 years and tried to solve their dynamic communication needs with a static, point–in–time solution. They purchased a system, received limited training when it was installed, never upgraded its capabilities, and basically limped along with the bare minimum in features and functionality. In addition, they sunk tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into a depreciating asset that lost 50% of its value upon installation. Today's leading companies have rejected this approach and are turning to a managed services model for maximizing their employee's ability to leverage technology for productivity and competitive advantage.

C–TAP Overcomes two of the Greatest Risks of Technology, Obsolescence and Cost of Ownership

The Connect Group's Current Technology Assurance Program (C–TAP) ensures that the technology today can be renewed, refreshed or replaced and that you may be able to take advantage of emerging technologies as they become available for one fixed monthly cost. The Connect Group's C–TAP program provides you with a custom turn–key communications solution that will stay current with the latest in technology and grow to keep pace with your business. On top of that, we offer a completely managed system where we offer the hardware along with unlimited technical support, unlimited programming changes, and unlimited training to ensure the system will grow and evolve along with your business to keep your employees operating at their maximum productivity.

National Services

The world is truly becoming a smaller place. Multi–site and multi–state organizations are becoming a more common reality. If you find yourself in this situation, know that The Connect Group's National Services Network will support you and deliver remote services. The Connect Group does this through its TAG affiliation, and remote programming. TAG is a group of independently owned technology companies that work together to provide a common approach nationwide. With the newer systems, they are mostly software controlled, we can provide troubleshooting and maintenance from a world away, while giving you the security of an on–site technician when required.

We have training programs available in a myriad of ways from live on–site training, to streamed video training over the internet, to a staffed help desk, we have the ability to train all of your staff wherever they may be.

The Connect Group can offer installation and maintenance services nationwide. Whether it's a small office in Rhode Island, or the corporate office in California, The Connect Group has the network to manage your network like it is in our backyard.

Conference Center

Give your next meeting, seminar or training session the state of the art punch it deserves.

Conference Center

The Connect Groups state of the art conference and training facility houses over 900 square feet of class and meeting space, room for up to 30 PC's in a classroom setting or up to 50 people in a comfortable meeting setting.

Multiple connection points, 6–foot tables and a choice high back executive chairs or arm chairs gives you the flexibility to set the room as it fits your need. We have several catering options. The facility is fed with high–speed Internet access and includes a high definition ceiling mounted projector to make your Power Point presentation or video presentations jump to life.

Voice Systems

Connect Telephone & Computer Group is an area leader in voice technology.

Voice Systems

Understanding that technology needs to provide your business with a competitive advantage and increase your profitability, we provide a different approach: we actually listen. We want to discover about your business and your process so we can develop a system that will meet your exact needs.

We feel that every business is unique and therefore its technology should be properly fit, not forced into an "off the shelf" solution.

We work with several manufacturers to provide the system that best matches your needs.

Structured Cabling

We, at The Connect Group, pride ourselves on delivering a high quality result every time. We provide comprehensive engineering, planning, project management, as well as field craftsmanship in all projects we take on. We work closely with you to suit your short term as well as long term needs when it comes to communications infrastructure.

Our teams of experienced structured cabling installers have worked on all sizes of projects throughout numerous industries: government buildings, hospitals, schools, retail stores, data centers, call centers, residential, warehouse and traditional office environments. We provide the trained knowledgeable staff to understand the different manufacturer requirements as well as the building and electrical codes, to ensure that you will get the job done right the first time, every time.

The Connect Group understands that you have many choices for who can install your cabling, but we believe it is better left to the experts. The structured cabling is the foundation of your communications system. If the cabling isn't good, nothing built upon it can work to it's optimum level. We provide general industry training to our technicians from the BICSI, ANSI, and IEEE organizations, as well as specific manufacturer training to ensure that you get a third party guarantee that your job is performed correctly, and will work properly for up to 20 years after the installation.

Whatever your cabling needs may be, you can feel confident with The Connect Group getting it done and done right. Our employees and management team provide services with the highest professional standard of excellence. As a result, we maintain ongoing close working relationships with our clients.

Technology Planning

Money's not all you save with a technology plan.

Connect Technology Planning

On average companies in the United States spend 2.5% to 3.5% of their gross on technology products and services. With this level of capital being committed to communication systems a technology plan is critical to success. Connect Telephone & Computer Group will provide a technology plan that goes well beyond a technology wish list and identifies need, budget and return on investment. This plan will keep your technology on track and budgeted for years to come.


Feature rich secure networks

Networking Solutions

At The Connect Group we pride ourself on the strongest technical team and neworking products in the industry. Leading with Cisco Systems legendary networking products combined with several Cisco Certified Associates and Professionals, The Connect Group can ensure maximum uptime and security for your communications network.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with increased profitability and competitive advantages by constantly delivering
new technology, service excellence and effective education for a fair fixed price.