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If your company is in need of a team that can handle complex technology implementations, Connect is the team for you.

Whether it's Structured Cabling, Telephone Systems, or Data Networks, the professionals at The Connect Group have the expertise to give your company a competitive advantage and increase your profitability.

Below is a sampling of the different types of projects Connect has handled for other customers.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is the foundation of any network. Connect's technicians are certified in the design, installation and project management of Structured Cabling Systems. Connect has partnered with Systimax, Siemon, and Leviton to provide its customers with a good range of product solutions.

At Connect, we believe that the wiring is the most important part of any network. With the proper structured cabling system and the proper design and installation techniques, we believe that the structured cabling plan should last for 2-3 generations of electronic equipment. Since the cabling is much more labor intensive than any other part of the network, we believe that you should not trust your network foundation to just anyone who says they can pull wire.

With our commitment to technical training, the manufacturers make a commitment to the customer on long term warranties. We can offer warranties exceeding 20 years on the installation of our structured cabling plans.

Systimax Warranty
Siemon Warranty

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Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems are the lifeblood of any business. When a business purchases a phone system, they need to make sure that the company they select is a reputable firm with plenty of references. When you choose a phone system, you choose to partner with that vendor for a long period of time, usually in excess of 7 years. Make sure that the company you choose has the ability to service your system for as long as you plan to keep it. If your choice is a cutting edge IP telephony system or a more traditional "digital" system, The Connect Group is the right choice.

We partner with only the best vendors to deliver your business the "best of breed" in technology so you can rest easy knowing you are getting the most bang for your buck. With Verticaland Cisco Systems in our business systems and Transtelin our hotel/motel offerings, we can handle your business.

At The Connect Group, we pride ourselves on the highest trained technicians in the region, we partner with our vendors to deliver "turn-key" solutions to our clients to ensure that the systems we install provide them with the competitive advantage that will give them the return on investment they expect.

We stock almost $1 million in inventory between our Billings and Bozeman offices. This is to ensure that when you are in need of parts, we are not at the mercy of UPS to deliver the goods tomorrow. We understand that when it comes to your phone system tomorrow is not good enough.

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Data Networks

Data Networks have become as necessity on the desks of businesses throughout the last decade. This has been both a blessing and a curse. With the significant rise in the amount of PC's and all the different types of productivity software, we have all gained efficiencies, but with those efficiencies come some problems. In previous generations of technology, we always had a problem we were trying to solve by installing computers. In today's environment, we sometimes forget those reasons and just buy computers because someone is sitting at that desk.

As the technology becomes increasingly more common, it is tempting to assume that the only time I need a "computer guy" is when I have a problem. In networks, there are several things that need to happen in the normal times to ensure the most amount of uptime possible from your network. Just like a car, computer networks need scheduled maintenance. At The Connect Group we employ only the top trained technicians in the area, this gives you the peace of mind that your critical business applications are in the hands of professionals.

At The Connect Group we take a different approach. We want to look at your business processes and understand how the applications that are on the PC's will create a competitive advantage for your company. If we take that approach, it usually provides a return on investment for owners and managers, rather than just being an expense that each business must swallow.

If you are interested in a process audit to see how a rework of your data network might enhance your business processes and increase your bottom line, give one of our representatives a call today.

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